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Why President Obama’s 2008 Campaign Was Successful

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In a speech on 9/6/2010 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it was painful to see President Obama go off the prepared remarks on the teleprompter complaining about how “They talk about me like a dog.”

I wrote an article 8/31/2010, President Obama Does “Wag the Dog” in a Deflation Economy. You can see it if you google (Obama wag the dog) or (wag the mosque). In it I called him out for coming out in favor of building the Manhattan muslim mosque. I said he was trying to divert attention away from the deflation economy slipping into depression and the possibility that the Democratic Party may lose control of both houses of Congress in the November 2010 midterm elections.

To “Wag the Dog” is a euphemism for a politician starting a war or doing something else to get the heat off his own back.

What I was said was, President Barack Hussein Obama was doing a “Wag the Mosque” just 2 months after he did “Wag Arizona” over that states new illegal immigrant law. I went on to say in so many words – President Obama you were caught in a lie and a fraud. President Obama was trying to divert attention away from the fact that the deflation economy under his left leaning administration is sick and that his Democratic Party is in trouble in the 2010 midterm elections.

Also, the fact that business is frozen in uncertainty and fear is a big problem. Uncertain business people see one after another big spending measure. First, we got QE1, Quantitative Easing One. Now QE2 is projected to be bond buying stimulus by the federal government with the help of the Federal Reserve to the toon of 75 billion per month.

Business people just learned that the Obamacare health care bill had more red tape. Apparently, every transaction over $ 600 has to have an IRS 1099 form filed. Each and every time. An overload or red tape and a big waste of time for businesses trying to make a living. By the way, the health care reform act was ruled by the courts to actually be a tax increase. He said it was not a tax. Liar!

Business people are afraid to hire, spend, expand, loan, lease, buy or borrow. His socialistic increased wealth redistribution and ever bigger more wasteful government stimulus plans will make the coming Greater Depression last three times longer and be three time larger than the depression back in the 1930’s.

Only 10% of the President Obama staff have any business experience and none have any economic savvy. The best way to create jobs is to lower taxes and let business do the hiring. Those are the kind of jobs that last. Not government funded “shovel ready” make-work projects. Project done. Job gone. Just last week Obama admitted in public that there was no such thing as a “shovel ready” project.

Those of you who still have their head spinning around over the building of the mosque 560 feet from the 9/11 ground zero 51 Park Avenue site are being played like pawns in a game. You have been officially “wagged and punked.” You have been fooled again. It won’t get built. 100,000 people would put up picket lines around it and the loyal unions would not cross those lines to work on it.

Especially, if the Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, refuses to break away from the harsh, excessive and violent to women sharia law. Muslims in favor of sharia law should not be allowed to build a mosque anywhere in America. Why don’t governments of the world get down on the Muslim countries for their antiquated sharia law and unjust treatment of women? Oil! What a copout by weak chicken politicians worldwide. Women beaten, stoned, not allowed to do anything but housework day in and day out. Raped by their husbands. Absolute stone age cruelty and un justice to women.

I think the real reason President Obama came unglued was related to the, CRIMES AGAINST LIBERTY, book by David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother. It hit the bookstore shelves 8/23/2010. It’s number 1 on the non-fiction New York Times Best Seller list. There is some big time “They talk about me like a dog” going down in David’s book. He says that President Obama’s politics and personality threatens our liberties in the name of an ivory tower utopian world view with only room for socialism at a scary scale and that Obama is a vindictive school yard bully and holds American ideas and ideals in repudiation and contempt. David Limbaugh’s book also says Obama is doing an assault on our prosperity, our security, and ultimately, our liberty.

The truth hurts. Doesn’t it? So, he blurts out, “They talk about me like a dog.” Those remarks were not scripted on the teleprompter. He even says so in the video clip. It’s probably on YOUTUBE by now. What a whiner in chief! Let’s turn the light on the President Obama’s nasty personality along with the elitist socialist America hating crew of cockroaches with which he has surrounded himself. He wants to weaken America.

The President Barack Hussein Obama Junior, that we elected is on a mission to make the America pay for every imperial and colonial act in the past. This was the anitcolonialist dream of his socialist, drunken and philandering father, Barack Obama Senior (deceased). Wealth redistribution, carbon consumption taxes, increased income taxes, Obamacare, and control of every little thing business does are part of Obama Junior’s anticolonial socialist crusade to bring down America. He sees the U.S. as an evil empire ripping off the third worlds resources and lording over the rest of the nations. Muslims who oppose and fight against those that would suppress them are freedom fighters and resisters to American imperialism in his mind.

Sure, build the mosque near the 9/11 Ground Zero site to be a “black eye” and rub salt in our wounds. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. didn’t even even protest when they released the convicted Lockerbie bomber. A person who planned the killing of hundreds of Americans. President Obama’s father’s antiquated anticolonial and socialist dreams are becoming our nightmare. Obama Junior’s self-written autobiography is titled, DREAMS OF MY FATHER. So, don’t try and tell me otherwise.

Let’s see Obama’s real birth certificate. Is he even a citizen? He has spent over a million dollars fighting people trying to get his records released to the public. And While I’m at it, why did Barack Hussein Obama get the Nobel Peach Prize? He hadn’t done anything to deserve it yet. Was it up front hit money for the one-world-government and new-world-order work he would be doing for the world power elite bankers and other “Big Brother” wannabe-be’s?

Start being a contrary thinker or you will be the one caught up in politicians lies and frauds. Watch out for the next “Wag the Dog.” A war with Iran. The deflation economy is quickly becoming the GREATER DEPRESSION thanks to leftist leeches like Obama and his one-world-government favoring socialist supporters. Plan on a 90% drop in price in most assets and 30% unemployment by 2016. Stupid is as government does.

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The campaign of Obama was very impressive such that it looked like a phenomenon that had taken at least 10 years to develop to an instant idea. In the 1980s, Obama was working as a community coordinator with the “Developing Communities Project” in Chicago’s South Side. Since this time, he was able to develop and harness skills in community mobilization and society involvement, which greatly helped him to administer his campaign strategies. The victorious strategy of Obama centered on “The Three Ms”: message, money and mobilization. Each of these aspects promoted the other through a virtuous cycle, which made the campaign to transverse all comers of the nation (Graff, 2009). His message of change and his speechifying skills stimulated the interests of Democratic voters following two terms of President George W Bush. He outsmarted the Clintons by centering on simple approaches for instance raising funds online through millions of petite donors. Here are some of the reasons why Obama wonThe Presidential seat in the year 2008.

Winning speech

In his triumph speech of 4 November 2008, Obama employed interdiscursivity and Intertextuality. Obama mainly used the oratory styles used by Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers and those used by Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement. In addition, Obama speeches used clear and well-understood references. The white legend of an America established in freedom and equality with the black narrative of a journey towards equality and freedom intertwined well for Obama. By this, Obama gave Americans a general future that linked with their different pasts by credibly proposing a joining metanarrative that personified a comprehensive rewriting of the American story and the American Dream (Foxlee, 2009).

Marketing skills

During Obama’s campaign, marketing skills played an important role, mainly in branding, targeting, and grassroots promotion. The marketing skills helped Obama to portray himself as the channel of change in three ways. He first built a wider and realigned union of the electorate across party lines and other prior divisions through sophisticated targeting. Secondly, his branding of change not only portrayed his reformist principles and unfailing belief in responsible and positive government, but also stressed his distinctiveness as a Washington foreigner and/or would-be first African-American president. His grassroots promotion and strategic public relations lastly, represented a radical move in the style of presidential authority, from strict, secretive, and interactive bottom-up and top-down to transparent approach (Hirabayashi, 2009).

Targeting the winning group and racial cohesion

During the Democratic primaries, Obama was able to assemble effectively part of the Democratic voters who backed Hillary Clinton incorporating women, the financially vulnerable, Hispanic, and even the Catholics (Hirabayashi, 2009). His team was also able to mobilize racial-minority communities and immigrant using internet-based technology, house-to-house meetings, registration drives, and, most of all, the convergence of existing social networks as a point of entry to the communities. In addition, the young people were active in Obama’s campaign. Obama spoke to them as equivalents, making them believe that they could bring about a distinction, and motivating them to do the impossible. They were partners in his campaign holding an equal chance in the result. Obama’s natural ability to comprehend all races because of his black, white and Asian background made him focus on themes of hope and bi-partisanship. Consequently, he resisted and stood firm against the customary approach of open disapproval and race baiting. He however chose to focus on opportunity, enthusiasm, hope, and believed in the promise that is natural in the American dream. Obama therefore, symbolized the spirit of change in terms of racial politics and a change in the negative mood of American politics (Alex-Assensoh, 2008).

Grassroots campaigning and fund raising

Mobilizing the online supporters to take part in precinct walking, door-knocking, and registration drives strengthened Obama’s army. further strengthened the grassroots efforts through social network sites with network members consenting to campaign in the regions they stood for. Voter mobilization certainly, was not a one-off effort on Election Day, but a stable system of communication during the primary and general election campaigns (Milkis & Rhodes, 2009). In American politics, grassroots campaigning has a long history however, Obama made several improvements, his campaign not only sought to allot key responsibilities to local teams that would encourage his followers voting experiences, but also promote and develop a broad range of professional and social networks (Alex-Assensoh, 2008). In the modern electoral history, Obama was the most successful political fundraiser having raised more than $ 600 million dollars during the campaign. Obama was able to spend more than $ 360 million dollars on media and $ 312 million on broadcast media alone. The mobilization efforts grew due to the availability of more than $ 3 million in per diem expenditures to grassroots volunteers (Milkis & Rhodes, 2009).


Barack Obama’s race to the white house was a historical hallmark in the lives of many Americans. Being the first Black president of the United States, he proved to the whole world that even those deemed as the minority, could rise to the highest level of leadership. His Campaign was very successful since he employed a new strategy that won the favor of the majority. He majorly utilized media and technology to strategize his campaigns, especially the use of internet. Moreover, he had excellent oratory skills, utilized good marketing strategies and was able to target the right group. In addition to this, he was able to raise enormous funds through his online fundraising, which helped him to carry out his campaigns well. What made his campaign even more exclusive was how he mobilized the minority groups while his rivals concentrated on the majority. Obama realized that he had to reach out to the local people in their localities if he had to win the elections. By this, he was able to organize grassroots campaigns, which were very successful. This means that he mobilized many people from the grassroots and convinced them to vote for him. Above all, his striking strategy was his aspect as a change agent. He was able to convince Americans that he was the change that they wanted and this happened at a time when the nation wanted change inevitably.

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Barrack Obama has gained a lot of support and this means a lot of voters, but there can never be enough voters to win an election until they are counted at the end of the day.

As a Obama supporter you naturally want others to know about this candidate and what he can do for the country in the next four years as President of the United States. You might wonder what you can do to ensure his election to the Oval Office.

There are many things that a supporter can do from working at the local campaign headquarters to artwork. Art work attacks many eyes, there are few people that do not like something that is artistic even if they do not know about the type of art such as water colors, 3-dementional art or even the art that it takes to design a website properly.

Some supporters elect to make a donation, while other supporters hand out fliers, buttons or other items. This is their way of letting the public know about this candidate they support and what Obama stands for and what he is against. It is also their way of letting other voters know that this will be the person that they will be voting for in the coming election.

Not only does it help the campaign of Barack Obama but it also helps the Obama supporter feel good in the knowledge that they are helping the candidate that might be the next man that sits behind the desk in the Oval Office making decisions for the country. This is a powerful feeling to know that you had a personal hand in getting your candidate elected and that without your contribution those voters that can make the difference to send Obama to the White House might not be an Obama supporter if you had not come forward to show how certain you were in the fact that he is the right man for the job.

Every election for President has candidates that show their support and while their candidate may not win they have pride in the fact that they stood up for the person they felt could run the country properly making life easier, education better, jobs plentiful and fulfilled their campaign promises.

By supporting Obama in any way that you can means you could feel this pride that others before you have felt when they fully supported their candidate. It can be as simple as showing support on a website, painting a picture or slogan to make others aware of your candidate, it can even be being fully informed about what Barack Obama stands for, what changes he feels need to be made. What new programs need to be implemented, being this informed means you can support him by discussing his stance on the issues with other voters who may never have known where Obama stood on certain issues. This will help Obama to gain support of other voters and ultimately this will help Obama to secure the election when November rolls around and voters head to the polls.

Help promote Barack Obama and help support him in every way possible that will help him get elected as president. You can help support Barack Obama by doing practically anything including by even making Barack Obama artwork or by making a donation to the campaign. All the Barack Obama state designs mentioned here are not official but rather are inspired by who might possibly be one of the most influencial politicians in a long time.

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No Magic Wand With Obamacare

by tyankee7 on September 9, 2016

The national health care program of US, Obamacare is intended to bring a better change in the healthcare system. This program focuses on providing affordable health insurance and improved quality of health care to its citizens. It is designed to benefit both employers as well as employees. Apart from large businesses, small businesses can also take advantage of this health care program. How can small businesses benefit from Obamacare? Let us have a look at the positive effects of Obamacare on small brands or startups.

People can start their own companies easily

Now, people can start their own business easily as they don’t have to worry about the expensive health insurance for their workers. With Obamacare making health insurance affordable, business owners no longer have to bear the risk of opening new companies. Individuals can move away from jobs which they don’t want to do. A recent study suggests that 1.5 million people can gain self-employment with Obamacare.

Reduced health care costs
Small companies will now get health care costs at a reduced rate. Previously, small businesses had to bear 18 percent more insurance costs than large businesses. The health care costs borne by small companies are so high, that more than half of the companies with employee strength of 50 or less, do not provide insurance to their employees. Even many small business owners are also not insured. This will definitely change with the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will start from 2014.

Tax credits to small businesses
Small business owners who want to provide health insurance to their employees will get tax credits. This will be possible due to Obamacare. A reduction of up to fifty percent will be seen by the small business owners, in the share of the cost of premiums of their employees. The amount that the owners have to pay is tax deductible and they can carry the amount forward or backward. Small companies can take the help of any good healthcare management company to take care of these.

Increased buying power of group health plans
Small businesses will now be able to select and purchase group health plans on their State’s Health Insurance Marketplace through Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). This has provided them with increased purchasing power similar to large businesses.

No more extra payment from insurers’ side
With Obamacare, insurers can no longer charge more from companies citing the reason that they have employees with higher health costs. Community rating is required by Obamacare for small companies just as it is required for individuals. Companies will in turn be allowed by small business exchanges to get better rates by grouping their risks.

Companies can hire good resources
As better rates are obtained, costs are lowered and small businesses can now hire the best resources for their companies rather than think about the health issues the resources would face. They can give the responsibility of their employees’ healthcare insurance to healthcare management services.

With so many positive effects of Obamacare, small businesses should really embrace this new health care program.

We have noticed statements that are created just like the following:

“Isn’t Obamacare cheaper”

“I are able to understand it for free by way of Obamacare”

“Aren’t the Obamcare ideas greater coverage”

I can go on and upon.

The fact remains, there isn’t any magic with this. None…

Determining baby gender next? Many instructional math as well as income tax.

What exactly! Allow me to make clear, therefore pay attention…

“Obamacare” ideas are usually in relation to program adjustments in order to meet the requirements of your “Qualifying Wellness Plan” as well as tax credits/government subsidy. When you compare ideas both about the Market (Obamacare) as well as from the current market, when comparing exactly the same program, they are the identical. Simply no change apart from 3 points:

Should you be eligible for a a tax credit score as well as just how much of your govt subsidy. Of course your “Retail Premium” will be lessened because of the exact amount of the tax credit score skilled pertaining to.
If you undertake be eligible for a a tax credit score, also you can be eligible for a a tax credit score to cut back your own out-of-pocket expenditures about the Silver Strategies. This can differ with regards to the household income as well as filing status.
There are several ideas from the Market (Obamacare) that are definitely not tax credit score eligible as well as aren’t going to be on industry, just outside of the Market. The contrary is valid likewise. There are several ideas that are just readily available with the current market and are also not available outside of the Market.

You will need to understand that the “Retail Premiums” pertaining to related ideas on / off industry are usually the identical (when comparing all the same particulars). You can find a pair of causes this can be essential:

When you finally get the official tax credit score, the costa rica government subsidy minimizes the item from the full price top quality. Unless you be eligible for a a tax credit score, now as well as sometime soon, you must spend the total full price top quality to own medical care insurance.
1 day you might not be eligible for a the health insurance policy tax credit score as well as you have got to spend the total full price top quality to take care of coverage.

The reality is there isn’t any “magic” with Obamacare. It is merely instructional math as well as income tax. You can find simply no reduced monthly premiums on industry unless you pick a reduced stage program (more experience of you) as well as acquire virtually any tax credit score. There is the untrue desire a magic wand can be found about the Market (Obamacare) whilst your monthly premiums will promptly reduced. This is merely false.

The market industry will be activities like the controller pertaining to top quality tax credit score as well as price discussing credit. Your “Hub”, when you will, getting cash from the govt to lower your own price pertaining to medical care insurance, assuming you meet the criteria. Otherwise, they are simply no edge to your account, your family, as well as your small business to venture to industry pertaining to medical care insurance.

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The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, is scheduled to be fully implemented in 2014 unless a new president and congress can repeal it within the next year. On both sides of the aisle there’s plenty of argument about whether or not the coming regulations will be good for the industry. One question that continues to be asked is whether or not Obamacare will cause the loss of healthcare jobs.

It will if you believe a recent report from the Auburn Citizen in central New York. The Citizen ran a story reporting on U.S. Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle attacking fellow representative Dan Maffei and his support for the Affordable Care Act in 2010. According to Buerkle, the recent decision by a local hospital to lay off 25 workers can be directly attributed to the legislation and a fear of pending cuts in Medicare reimbursements. The Citizen story says the 25 layoffs bring the total number in the local area to 300.

It’s interesting that the topic of healthcare jobs didn’t get much play in the debate leading up to the passage and signing of Obamacare. It was all about providing cheap, comprehensive healthcare to everyone in the country regardless of need and/or financial status. Yet hidden in the fine details, according to the Citizen and other sources, is the very real threat of significant funding cuts.

Short and Long-Term Effects

Overall Obamacare shouldn’t have a drastic effect on healthcare jobs in the short term. For every facility that cuts workers because of Medicare reductions, other facilities will be hiring them to keep up with the demand created by millions of new clients being added to the healthcare roles. But if the fears about Obamacare turn out to be correct, healthcare jobs will be affected negatively in the long run.

Opponents of Obamacare cite the Canadian and British models of healthcare as proof. In those countries healthcare funding is stretched to its absolute limit with no means to stretch it any further. So despite long wait times, understaffed clinics and hospitals, and general healthcare disarray no one can afford to hire more healthcare workers.

To be fair, the systems in both Canada and the UK both have a good number of healthcare job openings at the current time. But most of them are for low-paying jobs with not enough stability to make them worthwhile. Healthcare professionals in both of those countries decry their working conditions, their compensation, and the quality of care they are dispense. Doctors even struck over the summer to secure better pay.

No One Really Knows

No matter which side of the argument you’re on, no one really knows what the future of America’s health care system is going to be. We can’t even look at the Canadian and British models for comparison because:

1. We’re only getting half the truth from both sides of the argument.
2. Our economic and political systems are significantly different.
3. Our attitudes about healthcare and its delivery are also different.

In the end we just have to decide whether or not to repeal the Affordable Care Act and start over, or let it happen and hope for the best. I’m inclined to side with the first option, but not because of the threat to healthcare jobs. I’m inclined to repeal the law because past history demonstrates the U.S. government cannot do anything efficiently and effectively. If they can’t even manage the Postal Service, Amtrak, and Social Security, how on earth are they going to manage the health care system?

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